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Bear Lake Bucket List

You obviously came to Bear Lake to spend time in the stunning blue water. But what happens when it is a rainy day? Or are you just looking for a few ideas to mix up your daily schedule? Whatever the reason, take a quick look at our Bear Lake Bucket List for 30 different activities that can be found around the Bear Lake Valley!

Eat a Raspberry shake (or two!)

Bear Lake is famous for raspberry shakes. But we recommend trying a jumbleberry shake. Trust us, it’s worth the calories!

Go extreme at Bridgerland Adventure Park

Want to try out a ropes course? How about mini golf, a zip line, or a 350 foot giant slide? Then head over to Bridgerland Adventure Park. They’ve got all of this, and more!

Try your hand at the track with Go Karts

Who doesn’t love a friendly race between loved ones? Go Karts are the best place to facilitate the family competition!

Discover Minetoka Caves

Make sure to bring a light jacket, because you’ll be heading down into the deep dark of the caves! They are pretty miraculous if you ask us.

Cool down at the Paris Ice Caves

Come check out this wonder, just 20 minutes from Garden City. Water runs down into the cave from the surrounding hills from a small brook creating the ice in this cave. It is accessible when the water dries out around the middle of July. There are two entrances to the cave that lead downward into the cave. It is very cold and contains ice even during the hottest summers.

Take a free tour of the Paris Tabernacle

This place of worship is recognized as one of the true pioneer landmarks of the West and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1889, this Romanesque Mormon tabernacle was constructed of red sandstone that had to be transported by wagon or sled from a quarry 18 miles away. A free, self-guided tour reveals intricate wood ceilings and stone carvings. A small museum houses heirlooms and objects of art left by the homesteaders. Guided tours are also available.

Try a round of Golf

With 3 golf courses in Bear Lake, you’ll have plenty of courses to choose from. And if you love it, why not try out all 3?!

Go Lake or Fly Fishing

You’re pretty much guarenteed to catch something. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a Bonneville Cisco, Bonneville Whitefish, Bear Lake Whitefish, or a Bear Lake Sculpin, all of which are found only here in Bear Lake!

Saddle up for a Horseback Ride

What better way to explore the stunning mountains that surround Bear Lake than from horseback? Take a quick hour ride, for go for a full day excursion

Take a scenic drive around the lake

Take the 48 mile loop around the lake. I bet you’ve never even been to the east side, have you? Today is the perfect day to go see what its like over there!

Hike to Bloomington Lake

One of the hidden gems in the valley, we highly recommend you take a trip out to experience this gorgeous mountain lake and all it has to offer!

Be fully entertained at the Pickleville Playhouse

You won’t be able to experience a dinner and show quite like this anywhere else in the world. Come hungry and ready to laugh!

Try Birding at the National Wildlife Refuge

Have you ever beed birding? Honestly, I haven’t either. But why not try it out? Let me know if you’re going, and I’ll tag along!

Bike on the bike path around Garden City

Garden City has put in an awesome bike bath. It starts up by the Utah marina, and goes south for quite a ways. Rent bikes from any of the local shops and take a ride down the path!

Go for a Hike

There are literately hundreds of miles of trails in the mountains surrounding Bear Lake. Check out the list of Our Favorite Hikes on our website for a few of our suggestions!

Hit a Mountain Bike Trail

There are quite a few mountain bike races that are in Bear Lake. Why not try your hand at mountain biking and see if you are good enough to compete in the next race!

Rent an ATV for exploring the mountains

Whether you want to try 4whelers, a side-by-side, a dirt bike, or a jeep, there are plenty of trails for you to explore. Epic Recreation has all the rentals that you could want!

Go Dancing on the weekends

Yup, you got that right. Pretend you’re back in high school at a dance and leave it all on the floor! Bear Lake Dance Place is one of the best parts of the valley.

Shop for some souvineers

We know that everyone wants a Bear Lake tshirt. But why not branch out and take home a jar of raspberry jam, or any of the other amazing souvineers you can find? 

Get a manicure or pedicure

Leave the guys home to watch all of the kids and go treat yourself to a girl’s night with mani’s and pedi’s! Is it really a vacation without a girl’s night? 

Hit the local Garden City pool

Ok, this one is still water oriented, but it is definitely off the lake! There is a small admission fee, but this indoor pool and hot tub is a great place to bring the family for an afternoon!

Walk around or fish at the pond at Garden City Park

Garden City has an awesome park with a huge pond (and free fishing for the kids!) and large, grassy area. Just find the giant American Flag and you’ll have found this park!

Play at the city parks

There are quite a few parks around Garden City. Bring the kids to play on the playgrounds and just enjoy the outdoors!

Go Snowmobiling

Just head back up on the Logan Canyon and you’ll be in one of the best places to snowmobile in Northern Utah. Use it. as your home-base to explore all of the other trails.

Ski (or snowboard) the Beav

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort is one of the best things about Bear Lake. You can get a full day pass for only $60, making it the perfect place to try out sking or bring your whole family!

Go Sledding at the Sinks

The best part: the hill is really long to sled down. The worst part: the hill is really long to walk back up. 

Try cross country skiing

There is a non-profit group that does regular upkeep of the cross country trails. They’re doing the hard work, so you might as well enjoy the nicely groomed trails!

Try snowshoeing

It’s not nearly as hard as it might seem. Strap on a pair of snowshoes and get out to explore!

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